Push To The Background: Will “iPhone 3.0” FINALLY Support True Multitasking?

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Remember how, back in September '08, Apple was supposed to unveil push notifications, then opted not to?  Anyway, the whole idea of push technology was to allow events to occur in an iPhone quasi-background, so people would stop grousing about how the House of Jobs' cash cow didn't do REAL multitasking.

Now — in the wake of the Android and Palm Pre offering true CPU app-juggling — comes background chatter from Apple that the next-generation iPhone software (v3.0) will multitask too, honest and true.  It would still be limited to one or two processes at a time, but that's still one or two more than the handset currently does.

(And here's a great article on why the iPhone, in its current incarnation, CAN multitask — and also, perhaps, why it SHOULDN'T…)

[Via MacRumors]

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