Sabre-Rattling Dance: Touchscreen Makers Sue Apple For Copyright Infringement

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Well, isn't this ironic.

Apple, who in recent months have been repeatedly bellowing "WE HAVE PATENTS AND WE WILL DEFEND THEM!" at cellphone makers aping the iPhone's touchscreen, have themselves been served with a patent-infringement lawsuit.

Scotland-based Picsel (Research) Ltd. and Picsel Technologies Ltd. have filed suit in a Delaware (US) court, alleging that the iPhone and iPod Touch's screen rendering technology infringes on their patent #7,009,626, "Systems and Methods for Generating Visual Representations of Graphical Data and Digital Document Processing." 

According to the lawsuit, the technology in question is used to accelerate zooming and panning across documents and web pages.

You modern-day Perry Masons (MatlocksDenny CranesLAW AND ORDER assistant DA's?) can read the original complaint here.

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