Steal This Book! Copycat Program Found In App Store – Are There More?

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Here's a case where imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery.  In fact, it's downright theft.

The eBook reader app Classics has proven popular enough to be featured in one of Apple's "There's an app for that" TV ads.  A more recent addition to the App Store, a US$2.99 Jane Austen collection from Ubiklabs, recently popped up on iTunes — and sharp-eyed shoppers realized the two apps looked ridiculously similar, right down to the bookshelf graphic background.  (In the above image, Classics is on the left, the "Classics: Jane Austin" impersonator on the right.)

Needless to say, Classics coder Phill Ryu is more than a little ticked off by the copy, especially since its rips off the user interface, book spines, and more — all of which were created especially for Classics.  "The guy stole our art, our lines, even our name, and I think it's
obvious he's trying to piggy back on our success, riding on top of our
stolen assets," Ryu says. "We feel violated, and we're a
little worried this will continue happening as more apps flood the

Even with the flood of apps being submitted to the App Store for inclusion, one would think that SOMEONE in the reviewing process would've twigged — especially when the copied app is as high-profile as this one.  And while there are still probably a lot of copycat apps that haven't been ferreted out yet, at least Apple had the sense (and sensibility!) to give the Austen copy the heave-ho.

[Via Ars Technica]

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