Take THAT, Crackulous! Ripdev Debuts New Anti-App Piracy System

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The arrival of a better mouse is followed by the announcement of a better mouse trap…

A week after Crackulous introduced one-click removal of DRM from iPhone apps, Ripdev's Kali Anti-Piracy saunters into town to protect the good folk of the App Store.  The server-side process promises to be fully compliant with the iPhone SDK and the App Store approval process.  So how does Kali work?  Sez Ripdev:

"[Y]our application is being wrapped in the additional layer of
protection engineered by experts in Mac OS X and iPhone OS
architectures, giving potential hackers much harder time in achieving
the precious "crack". Moreover, we are constantly monitoring the
current trends and news in the underground hacker communities to make
sure Kali AP stays on top of the "competition".

integration process with your product is quite simple — just follow
simple instructions found in the downloadable SDK once you sign up and
activate your product on the Developer's portal.
Your product code will be automatically processed by the Kali
Anti-Piracy intelligent algorithm in a way that if the product was
pirated, it will cease to launch or function properly."

Ripdev requires a one-off charge for developers to start using the system (US$100.00 for apps under US$9.99, US$300 otherwise), plus "royalties" for each copy
protected with Kali (in order to “keep the hackers on their toes”) of
between 1% and 5% of the developer‚Äôs 70% cut.  Ripdev also promises that Kali will never ‚Äúphone
home” or otherwise contact the remote servers without your knowledge, and that legally purchased apps with Kali protection can still be run
on jailbroken iPhones.

In a final message-cum-razzberry to the hacker community, Ripdev taunted “Expect more and more apps to be much, much harder to crack in the near future. ;)”

[Additional reporting via TorrentFreak]

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