Will iPhone FINALLY Support Flash? The Ball’s In Adobe’s Court

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So what's holding up the long-awaited Abobe Flash support on the iPhone?  Believe it or not, right now neither of the current flavors of Flash are optimal, and Abobe is creating a third version just for the House of Jobs' do-everything-else handset.

Interviewed by Bloomberg Television from the World Economic
Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said, “It’s a hard technical challenge, and that’s part of the
reason Apple and Adobe are collaborating. The ball is in our court. The
onus is on us to deliver.”

Despite the fact that Flash is installed on 98 percent of the world's computers — as well as more than 800 million handsets — it turns out an iPhone implementation isn't a walk in the park.  Back in March of '08, Steve Jobs stated that full-blown Flash runs too slowly for the iPhone (dragging down CPU performance — and with it, battery life), while the slimmed-down
Flash Lite, “isn’t capable enough to be used
with the Web,” and called on Adobe to write yet a third version of Flash just for the iPhone.

[Via Bloomberg.com]

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