AT&T Big Wig Promises More 3G In More Places In ’09

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Regardless of the fact that the "Death Star" people are already known for their slogan "More Bars In More Places," AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega recently vowed to make that a reality — at least in the 3G world.

Addressing such issues as service outages and coverage issues, de la Vega announced that AT&T now has 3G service in more than 350 US cities.  This includes the upcoming transition from 1900MHz to 850MHz in key cities such as San Francisco and New York (significant because the longer 850MHz wavelength provides greater coverage area using fewer towers and better penetration through walls and foliage).

With everybody and his mother bragging about having the fastest 3G network, d la Vega maintained "[W]e have the infrastructure capability to go to
7.2 [Mbit/s], and we'll have the capability to go 14.4 and 20 in the
next couple of years, so I think there's coverage we're going to
improve, there's quality we're going to improve, and there's speed
that's also going to get improved." 

He also took a jab at Verizon, who recently announced plans to move from their existing CDMA/EV-DO technology and be the first to implement LTE (Long Term Evolution), now under development for specification in 3GPP Release 8: "I think we're much better off to say that they [Verizon] don't have a
way to improve the majority of their footprint for the next year,
because they're going to have to build a whole new network nationwide.
We don't have to build the new network."

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