Bridge to Sickbay: iPhone As Medical Tool?

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It's one thing to "take lives" playing a first-person shooter game on your iPhone — but could the House of Jobs' smart phone save lives as well?

An otherwise overlooked demo during the OS 3.0 rollout suggests the answer is "yes," as an iPhone — utilizing the iPhone 3.0 SDK's accessory support — turned into an insulin gauge to help diabetics control their blood sugar levels. 

The inspiration came from an open letter penned to Steve Jobs by San Francisco blogger Amy Tenderich, whose Diabetes Mine supports people living with diabetes.  Unhappy with the bulky, visually unappealing blood glucose monitors currently available, Tenderich begged Uncle Steve to apply Apple's design savvy to make the devices as sleek and cutting-edge as the iPod.

But rather than create another standalone gizmo, Apple figured out a way for an existing gizmo — the iPhone — to do the job, through software and external I/O.  And with not only the success of the iPhone itself, but the App Store as well, Apple now has a hardware AND software platform with enough width and sturdyness to become the de facto standard for more applications that stretch the iPhone's capabilities.

List of iPhone apps for diabetics.

[Via AppleInsider]

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