Buried Treasures In OS 3.0: Video Publishing? USB Tethering? The Mind Reels…

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Enterprising code crufters who've gotten their hands on the beta of iPhone OS 3.0 have been sifting through the code and finding the damnedest things:

  • There's an option in the MobileMe settings to enable the "Find My Phone" service.  Can someone say "location tracker disguised as a lost-handset bloodhound?"
  • Still in MobileMe, when you try to publish an image, you get the screen shown above that says "Publish Video."  Typo — or Freudian slip?
  • And some enterprising hacker located AND activated USB tethering.  Now, Apple has admitted they were building that in, but were leaving it up to the carriers as to how and if it would be implemented.

Again, this IS a "beta" we're talking about — some or all of these features may fall by the wayside when 3.0 actually becomes street legal.

[Via engadget]

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