Buy-Buy, iPhone: AT&T To Offer Non-Contract Phone Sales

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If the cell phone biz in general has adopted the "give away the razors but sell the blades" model (i.e. cheap-to-free handsets locked into long-term contracts), the iPhone –never "given away" to begin with — is about to become the world's most expensive razor.

Starting this week, you'll be able to buy an iPhone without that whole two-year-data-contract-with-AT&T thing.

The bad news?  The phones will run in the US$599.00 to US$699.00 range.

The worse news?  They'll only run on AT&T's network.

Raise your hand if this makes no effing sense whatsoever.  Yeah, we thought so, too.  Unless you're clever — and we mean Dev-Team clever — enough to unlock the phone for use on other networks.  What would actually make more sense would be to shave a hundred bucks off the iPhone's MSRP, so the monthly data-plan charges don't seem quite so onerous.

[Via CNet]

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