Eye-Fi’s New SD Cards Support Geotagging; iPhone App On The Way

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Eye-Fi are the people who make digital camera SD memory cards that send the pictures you take directly to your Wi-Fi-enabled computer, or alternately to an online photo-sharing site like Flickr.  In other words, they're for people who are too lazy, or technology-challenged, to actually take the damn card out of their camera and stick it in a card reader to offload or print the pictures.  (Or they don't shoot in the higher-detail Camera RAW mode, which the JPEG-only Eye-Fi's don't support.  Boo.)

If you're one of those folk, God have mercy on your…er, Eye-Fi's got two new cards for sale.  The 4GB Eye-Fi Share (which, at US$79.99, doubles the capacity of the 2GB Share for only twenty bucks more)  does the home PC/photo-site thing, as well as sending video clips to YouTube.  For another twenty clams, you could score the Eye-Fi Explore Video, which adds geotagging info to your snaps/vids and allows access at Wi-Fi hotspots.

Right now, both cards are pre-order items.  Also pending: an iPhone app that'll share your handset's pictures with all those Web galleries, and it'll be free…um, to Eye-Fi card owners, that is.

(Oh, and that uproarious noise you hear in the background?  That's our pro-grade Canon DSLR's pointing and laughing at the Eye-Fi.)

[Via Cnet]

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