eyePhone: CBS’s TV.com App Streams Lots And Lots Of Video Content

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Hulu.com, the NBC/Universal streaming-video site that brags of being "an evil plot to take over the world," is getting some serious competition from crosstown rival CBS's TV.com; not only are they offering (or, at worst, promising to offer) a wide range of full-length programs, from a wider source, but they've got a free iPhone app for that as well.

As you can see from the above screenshot, CBS's reach includes Showtime, the CW, and even CNET, so expect lots of episodes of CSI variants at the very least.  (For hard-core sci-fi nerds, they've also got remastered original STAR TREK eps as well, so you can see what the future was going to look like in 1967…)

Early reports show the streaming to be high-quality and reasonably fast (though faster on Wi-Fi than on 3G).  While it would be nice to see similar offerings not just from Hulu, but also Netflix and Amazon's video-on-demand services, the bandwidth costs to AT&T — and the potential loss of revenue to iTunes — may keep that from happening anytime soon.

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