iDol Chatter [sic]: Follow The Next Batch Of Pop Star Wannabe’s On Your iPhone

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America may not always love the eventual winner of AMERICAN IDOL (and yeah, Ruben Stoddard and Taylor Hicks, we're talkin' to you), but IDOL sure loves it's corporate tie-ins, from the ever-present Coca-Cola cups on the judges' table to Seacrest-Out imploring us to text in our votes on our AT&T wireless phones…

…and hey, there's that snazzy new iPhone that AT&T offers!  Maybe we can cobble something together for that!

And here it is.  The "American Idol Season 8 Exclusive" app (yes, that's its official name) lets you follow this season's 13 hopefuls with info, bios, and new videos each week, predict who'll be the next to get voted off, even link to their music on iTunes.  (Wait a min…if they're on IDOL to become recording stars, how can they already HAVE tracks on iTunes?)

No word on whether the app includes Simon's withering putdowns, Paula babbling incoherently, or Randy saying "dawg" twenty-three times in a row.  (Then again, we're pretty sure it doesn't include William Hung butchering "She Bangs," so we'll be thankful for small favors.)

[US$1.99 from the App Store]

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