iPhone 3.0 Update: All You Need to Know [Digest]

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iPhone 3.0 was revealed today.  See the high-level list of the iPhone 3.0 features and Apple’s announcements.

Some facts before announcements:

  • Apple sold 13.7 million iPhones through December 2008
  • Together with iTouch they sold approximately 30 million devices
  • Over 60% of iPhone developers never developed for Apple before
  • Users downloaded over 800 million iPhone apps

iPhone 3.0 Updates:

  • iPhone 3.0 is considered to be a major update for Apple
  • iPhone 3.0 brings 1,000 more new APIs (it means that developers can explore more features for their apps)
    • In-game voice chat is available to developers via new API
    • iPod library access  
    • Access to battery information 
    • GPS APIs  
    • Access to text collection (copy and paste) 
  • Peer to Peer support is here (this is part of the new APIs) – discovery over Bluetooth (no WIFI)
  • Maps got an update in iPhone 3.0 – custom annotations is the most notable new feature
  • Developers have access to CoreLocation so they can develop turn by turn applications
  • Push notification is alive and well, it will be part of iPhone 3.0
    • They had to change the architecture for Push in order to support better scaling
    • No background app support, Push notification is what developers get  
    • Performance and battery life are the main reason to stick with Push and not background apps 
    • Our opinion: since everybody talks about cloud computing why not to take some background processes into the cloud off the phone.   This is not an optimal solution, but it may work for Apple long-term.
  • Copy and Paste, YES – iPhone copy and paste is here, eat that Android, Pre and Blackberry 🙂   Copy and Paste method is similar to other methods we tried on jailbroken phones.
    • You can copy and paste web content 
    • Shake you phone to cancel copy and paste (i.e. undo paste) 
  • Landscape keyboard is supported by all applications in iPhone 3.0.  Yes, Mail app has landscape keyboard now.
  • MMS is part of iPhone 3.0
    • Can send audio messages (new feature, users can record audio memos)
    • vCards 
    • GPS locations 
  • Voice Memos are part of the iPhone 3.0 (some app store apps got new competition) 
  • Calendar now supports CalDev standard  
  • Update to Stock app, you can get news updates for selected stock tickers.
  • Improved search capability, users will be able to search across all the apps (including Mail) .   Also, you can launch apps using search.  Looks like functionality of QuickGold app.
  • Stereo Bluetooth A2DP is supported by iPhone 3.0

App store enhancements:

  • Ability to buy additional content inside apps (micro transactions are here) – App Purchase 
  • Through App Purchase developers will get 70% back
  • App Purchase is for paid apps only (this way free apps are free, no gaming the system)


  • With new API, developers can develop hardware accessories
  • Ability of Custom iPhone app to communicate with accessories (iPhone app is a configuration for accessory, iPhone app can show a read-out from the accessory) 
  • All that can be done with Bluetooth or through standard and custom protocols.  Dock is also supported. 

New Apps Announcements:

  • Meebo is finally having their iPhone app (we love Meebo)
    • They waited for Push notification
    • Added additional features to their service – ability to get alerts from social network sites
  • Sims3 from EA is announced

    • Gamers will be able to buy in-game content for $0.99  
  • Oracle will release an app for iPhone 3.0
    • It’s a business app – nothing special   
  • ESPN iPhone app

    • Push notification for all the sport alerts  
    • Can scale video quality using new iPhone 3.0 API based on your connection type (this will make AT&T happy with their sucky network)
  • LifeScan app for diabetics

    • disease management for patients  (check out our list of apps for diabetics)
    • Glucose readings can be transmitted automatically from a medical device to the iPhone (this is the most important part)
  • New games from ngmoco:) (makers for Rolando

    • Touch Pet – interactive pet game
    • LiveFire –  multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) game via WIFI or 3G (sweet).  Again, you can buy in-game content for real money, for example – armor, weapons.  We will pay for this type of content? voice in comments below
  • Smule, company which made Ocarina App  

    • Leaf Trombone (World Stage) app


iPhone 3.0 beta is available today for developers. 

iPhone 2.0 will not get MMS and Stereo Bluetooth.

iPhone 3.0 update will be free this summer ($9.95 for iPod Touch users 🙁 ) – hmm, maybe its release will coincide with new iPhone model?

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