Is Palm “Pre”-paring For An End Of April Debut?

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From the "Take This With A Football-Sized Grain of Salt" Dept.:

A self-claimed beta tester for the Palm Pre maintains that April 30th is the Pre's "due date."  The reputed tester — one Jim Van of the Rhode Island-based IT support shop Logicomm — has been posting his testing updates on Twitter:

  • Got Pre to work on Twitter, but it‚Äôs a tad cludgy‚Ķ#Palm Pre
  • Sprint claims that 4/30 is a line in the sand, according to my acct mgr there‚Ķhe‚Äôs usually right on #Palm Pre
  • UI is
    VERY clean, well thought out, made for fingers. Somebody used their
    brains on the design. Palm’s always been cool like that
  • Just used
    browser to remote in and play on our doc server..almost like computing
    w/out kbd…loaded word doc quickly..nice #Palm Pre

Now, there's no proof that Herr Van is, in fact, a legit Pre tester; aside from violating whatever NDA he'd be under, having such a high-profile day job while tweeting suspect (and potentially false) info could be a publicity disaster waiting to happen.  (Promised photos of the Pre beta have not yet surfaced, by the bye.)  So this one gets a "wait and see" notation.

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