Live From Wherever You Wanna Be: Ustream App Turns iPhone Into Streaming Video Broadcast Source

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As we previously reported, Ustream's (Apple-approved) iPhone app allowed you to stream video directly to your handset — but only via Wi-Fi, not 3G, unless you were willing to jailbreak your handset to tweak the app.

So somebody at the company must have thought "hey, your phone's pwned already — why not transmit video as well as receive it?"

See, Ustream's been encouraging anyone with a video camera attached to their computer to become a broadcaster.  Kind of like YouTube crossed with your local public-access channels.  They already support a truckload of smart handsets, and now your jailbroken iPhone can join in the fun.

As you can see from this sample video, the iPhone 3G's built-in camera captures — and the CPU processes — video acceptably well (casual tests showed latency of 2-3 seconds over a Wi-Fi connection), and the live voting feature is a nice option.  And Ustream says they're working very, very hard to get full App Store approval.

Be the next Walter Cronkite.  Or Jerry Springer.  Or even Ugly George.  Your choice.

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