More On The “App Store Premium” Rumor

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While most of the App Store resembles Wal-Mart — or even your local Dollar Store — there's a good reason why one corner of it might start to look like Neiman-Marcus.

Fanning the flames of last month's story, the rumored "premium" section of the App Store — which would house name-brand apps in the US$20.00 and up price bracket — seems to be inching closer and closer to reality.  This despite the fact that the House of Jobs — not to mention veteran computer-game makers Activision and Electronic Arts — refuse to publicly comment on the rumor.

From a business standpoint, a "high-end" section of the app store makes sense.  While the App Store in general has proved to be a goldmine for various enterprising coders, the sheer volume of apps the casual user has to wade through can be daunting, especially when you apply Sturgeon's Law ("90 percent of everything is crap").  If the App Store's premium section becomes a reality, bigger companies with huge R&D expenses can better showcase their products without being obscured by all the US$0.99 fritterware.  And it wouldn't just be game producers who'd benefit: business software makers such as SAP from a more focused showcase that the premium section could supply.

Couple this with the fact that Apple marketing executive Greg Joswiak wants the iPhone to be a major player in the handheld gaming market, and the "premium app section" rumor looks less like "if" than "when…"

[Via Wired]

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