No More “Turning Japanese:” App Store Stages Emoji Purge

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Apple has dropped the equivalent of Fat Man on the App Store.

One of the creators of Typing Genius reports that he received the equivalent of a cease-and-desist notice from Apple.  Apparently, they're cracking down on any apps that support emoji (those Japanese graphic emoticons) in any way, shape, or form:

As of today, Apple has informed us that they are now removing any trace of emoji from the App Store. This means:

  • All new apps related to emoji will be rejected in the review process
  • Existing apps that do not provide additional functionality will be
    pulled from the App Store (e.g. Emotifun, iEmoji pulled already)

  • Existing apps that DO provide additional functionality (e.g. Typing
    Genius) will be required to provide an update to Apple immediately

So far, no official rationale for the purge has been announced.

So all you "round-eyed devils" who really, truly need those Smiley Faces of the Rising Son — looks like you've got another reason to jailbreak that iPhone.

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