Numbers Game: Hack Adds Fifth Row To iPhone’s QWERTY Keyboard

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Tired of struggling to type numbers and/or punctuation on the iPhone's default QWERTY keyboard?  Got a jailbroken handset?  There's an app…er, hack…for that.

Coder KennyTM, previously known for his ?Clipboard global cut and paste hack, now brings you 5 Row QWERTY, which adds a top row of numbers to the default keypad; tap the Shift key, and the numbers are replaced by commonly-used punctuation characters.  Dig a little further into the hack, and you'll find cursor keys to move through your document, page up/down and home/end control, tab inserts, even a "true" delete key.  (Because man does not live by backspace alone…)

One caveat: to fit the new row of keys, KennyTM had to shrink the entire keyboard layout just a bit — so you sausage-finger types might have a rough go of it.  Otherwise, this is the sort of thing that SHOULD be part of the iPhone, legitimately or otherwise.  Go get it on Cydia.

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