Power Tips For iTunes — And They’re Free!

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You're already seen some iTunes-optimizing tips in this very blog-o-rama, but now MakeUseOf.com has given us the equivalent of "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About iTunes, But Were Too Cheap To Pay For The Privelege Of Finding Out."

The BIG Book of iTunes, from staff writer Jackson Chung, is a free, downloadable, 50-page .PDF file chock full of iTunes tips, tweaks, and tune-ups.  Learn how to:

  • automatically organize and tag your music
  • add lyrics & cover art to your songs
  • share your iTunes library with others
  • create ring tones from your songs
  • access your iTunes library from other PCs and mobile devices
  • control iTunes via the iPhone or even using your hands and feet
  • use AppleScripts
  • use iTunes shortcuts

And the proverbial "so much more."

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