Push To Chat: Meebo Finally Coming To The iPhone

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The chat-client aggregator known as Meebo is finally on speaking terms with the iPhone.  Meebo co-founder and CEO Seth Sternberg made the announcement in tandem with the rollout of iPhone OS 3.0 beta.

Long a fixture on Web browsers, the program — which juggles chat and networking programs from AIM to Yahoo to Facebook and Flixter — is finally arriving as a full-blown iPhone app.  (A previous version was merely a mobile-browser-optimized web page.)  So what took Meebo so long?

No Push Notifications, that's what.  Sternberg stated that Meebo wanted "everything we do on the web to be available on the iPhone app…We have high standards, and a native chat app without some kind of a background system is a bad experience."  And while that could mean a lot of push notifications — Meebo users reportedly send a collective five beellion IMs every month — Sternberg anticipates that users will typically receive a notification about a new message, then
open Meebo to respond, negating any further notifications for that

While Meebo plans to be ready to unveil the app when OS 3.0 is officially released, they're still mum about what the app will cost; juggling all those chat networks isn't cheap, and while the web version is advertisement-supported, the iPhone's smaller screen real estate may not make that practical.

[Via Ars Technica]

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