Sperms of Endearment: Play The Game Of Life

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Here's one of those cute, "why didn't I think of that?" games that seem to be an iPhone/iPod Touch specialty. 

In Mobigem's iSperm, you are just that: a plucky spermatozoa diligently swimming up the birth canal in search of that egg cell.  Explains its makes:

Have you ever wandered how hard
life and fate of a single sperm is? How hard it can be to beat other
competitors and be the winner? Well this is your chance to try.

[In iSperm] you play as a single sperm cell fighting your way to the
ultimate prize – a new life. The game has 3 phases and each requires a
different set of skills: shaking, tilting and multi-tapping your device.

The game also allows you to post your high score to the Mobigem website.  ("Top Cum?," anyone?)

Even though the App Store gave it a 12+ age rating, unless you're an
absolute "no sex ed in MY school!" fanatic, it'd be hard to be even the
slightest bit offended by the game's cutesy look and earnest rationale.

[US$0.99 from the App Store]

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