Stand By For Auction! iPhone Prototypes Hit eBay

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Betcha never thought there'd be an actual bidding war for prototypes of the next-gen iPhone…

In this eBay auction, someone is offering up not one, but TWO alleged "iPhones of Tomorrow," complete with a in-beta OS that contains some wacky hidden messages (including the above "Skank is the new black").  Here's what the seller has to say about 'em:

Phone #1:

-Powers on OK – GSM service works

-Plastic matte screen (see pics)

-Serial number YM649xxxxxx which corresponds to a factory in China, manufactured week 49 of the year 2006.

-Runs iPhone OS 03.06.01_G (iPhone Launch OS 1.0 was version 03.11.02_G)

-Good cosmetic condition

Phone #2:

-Doesn't turn on (tried leaving on charger for awhile, along with various reset procedures)

-Glass screen

-Serial number YM650xxxxxx which corresponds to a factory in China,
manufactured week 50 of the year 2006. (The iPhone was announced on Jan
6 2007 and release June 29 2007.)

-I replaced the battery and still doesn't work.  Currently apart right now, can leave as-is for buyer or reassemble.
-Has various scratches, it is in fair cosmetic condition at best

The auction ends Wednesday night, March 11, and as we went to press the bidding was up to US$735.00 — which, compared to the legendary human kidney auction, is a downright steal.

[UPDATE 3/10/09: After bidding crossed the US$1000.00 mark, either the seller or eBay — perhaps egged on by the House of Jobs — karked the listing…]

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