The Cydia App Store: A Good (But Problematic) Idea

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Cydia is already your one-stop source for jailbreaking your iPhone.  Now it wants to be the same for purchasing apps for that jailbroken iPhone — an alterna-App Store, if you will.

Although Cydia already offers some paid apps, most of them have standalone (and wildly divergent) payment methods.  Jay Freeman, who created Cydia and some of its supports apps (like Cycorder) has a better idea: a centralized payment collection system, akin to Apple's, but with a commission-dispensementplan that matches or beats the House of Jobs — and, y'know, all those apps the App Store won't carry at the moment.

While his intentions may be noble, Freeman may run smack-dab into the Apple legal team, who have made it clear the very act of pwning your iPhone is copyright infringement.  By daring to openly pair jailbreaking with making money, the Cydia Store could bring all kinds of bad mojo down on the hacking scene.

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