The Reviews Are In: Apple Fine-Tunes App Store Rating System

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Responding to criticism that the App Store customer-rating system left a lot to be desired, Apple took steps to make the process more useful to the prospective buyer while at the same time reducing malicious flame-feedback.

Once finalized, the changes will allow shoppers see combined review averages for all versions of a specific
application, dating back to its inception, or choose to filter reviews by
version number.  As seen above, reviews will also be filterable by helpfulness, date, and even by raves or pans.

A more pernicious issue, which the House of Jobs is also attacking, is HOW the reviews are submitted.  Originally, any iTunes Store account holder could review any app, even if they hadn't actually bought/downloaded it.  This lead to wholesale review slander, often at the hands of competing developers who'd secretly praise their product while badmouthing the other guy.  As of two weeks ago, Apple began aggressively purging the App Store of reviews by non-customers.

[via appleinsider]

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