Verizon To iPhone: “Can You Hear Us Now?” iPhone to Verizon: “What?”

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Full disclosure time: some of us here at iSmashPhone not only don't have iPhones — we don't even have AT&T.  Yeah, we've thrown in our lot with the Verizon nerd and his army of tech support.  Which is not to say that a Verizon-branded iPhone wouldn't be, y'know, absolutely fab and all.

Don't hold yer breath.

Every so often, iPhone-coming-to-the-Big-V rumors surface, and a recent posting on Indian blog ITExaminer fans the flames anew: the much hoped for Apple/Verizon union will be announced "soon," and Apple is actively seeking engineers specializing in EVDO and CDMA technology (Verizon's cell standards, which reportly support a faster 3G network than AT&T).

The reality is that the AT&T/House of Jobs marriage is nowhere near "on the rocks."  AT&T reportedly signed an extension of its exclusivity contract that now runs through 2010, rather than expiring this year.  More proof: the EDVO job ads no longer exist.  Couple that with the fact that Verizon already passed once on the iPhone because they didn't want to pony up to Apple's demands of control over pricing and marketing.  There's even a thought that Steve Jobs' illness-related absense is spurring the i/V hookup — but Uncle Steve is also opposed to such a union.

Face it, fellow Verizonites, looks like it's gonna be nothing but Blackberry Storms for the foreseeable future.  Ugh.

[Via PCWorld]

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