Who’s Got The Dirtier Mind — Developer Or App Store?

60's kid show star Soupy Sales likes to complain about how he was constantly accused of trying to slip off-color jokes into his program; one apocryphal example went along the lines of "My wife can't bake a cherry pie to save her life, but she sure can make a banana cream!"

We're guessing that programmer François Goldgewicht created his math came iCount with similarly innocent intent, right down to the icon design:

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Yep — SOMEONE at the House of Jobs got a bee in their bonnet that ol' Fran√ßois tried to slip the ol' C-word over on 'em — especially on an app that was, until just recently, smack dab on iTunes' front page.  (Don't worry, it took us a couple of looks to get it, too.)

Certainly gives the phrase "thinking outside the 'box'" a WHOLE new meaning.

[Via The Inquirer]

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