AdMob States The Obvious: It’s An iPhone World, Baby! (For Now…)

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AdMob, which "stores and analyzes data from each ad request…to provide insight into trends in the mobile ecosystem," recently decided to look at how well Android-based phones were doing, particularly in contrast to the seemingly all-mighty iPhone.

Their conclusion?  The HTC Dream (a/k/a the G1 handset) generated 2% of their US requests, and is now the #4
smartphone behind the iPhone, Blackberry Curve, and Blackberry Pearl.   And while both the Android and the iPhone had at-launch growth greater than the rest of the industry, it's no surprise Uncle Steve's handset outstripped Google's by a whopping margin.  Right now,  there are approximately 1-2 million G1's sold in the US, versus 15 million iPhones, but AdMob predicts that gap may shrink once the Android OS starts showing up on more phones, tablets, and the like.

Download the full report in .PDF form here.

[Via AdMob]

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