Apple Wants OS 3.0 Developers To Push It Good…Push It REAL Good.

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If you're a developer of iPhone apps, the House of Jobs would like you to give OS 3.0 a good, hard push.

Apple, via an email blast to registered iPhone
developers, invited them to "[s]tart testing your applications using the Apple Push Notification
service today.  Log in to the iPhone Dev Center and review the Apple Push
Notification Programming Guide and Getting Started video."

Push technology is Apple's alternative to true background processing on the iPhone, which under the current technology would exhaust the battery pronto and chew up valuable CPU cycles.  Instead, push-enabled apps can quit running, but still continue to "listen" for data on a universal network channel capable of sending messages and other notifications.

Up until now, any development of push-enabled apps appeared to be limited to a select few coders.  Now it seems Apple has flung open the gates to the sandbox and invited everyone to play.

[Via AppleInsider]

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