AT&T Working To Put Even More Bars In Even More Places

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Can you hear us now?  Good!

Oops, wrong network…

Faced with mounting complaints about their much-vaunted 3G network (including one full-out lawsuit), AT&T may finally be taking steps to do something about it.

AT&T is testing increased download speeds on its 3G network,
according to spokesman Geoff Mordock. The tests, if implemented, would bring the theoretical maximum speed to
7.2 megabits per second — double the current maximum speed.  In addition, the Death Star is adding new cell sites and, via use of the 850 MHz spectrum, doubling its total network capacity in most markets.  (The 850 frequency, by the bye, improves your chance of getting a connection indoors.)

All this comes amidst news that AT&T is looking to extend its iPhone exclusivity deal with Apple until the year 2011.

[Via the Los Angeles Times]

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