Education On The Go: Stanford U. App-Building Courses Coming To iPhone

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What we have here is the very definition of circular logic.

Stanford University — who already have a neat on-campus support application available in the App Store — are on the verge of offering a course on coding your own iPhone apps…which will be accessible on your iPhone.

iPhone Application Programming, a ten-week course, began last week (on April 1st — no jokes, now).  Videos of the classes will be posted at Stanford on iTunes U two days
after each class meeting, along with copies of the
slides shown in class.

Online viewers of the Stanford course will see the same lectures as the
on-campus students, but will not receive credit for the course.

The course has already seen some tangible results: the Chinese-English dictionary Qingwen, is already available at the iTunes store.

[Via Stanford University News Service]

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