Everything Must Go: Apple Clearing Shelves Of “Old” iPhone 3G’s

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In anticipation of the rumored June '09 release of the next-generation iPhone, AT&T stores are quietly "sweetening the deal" to convince current, non-iPhone customers to upgrade to a 3G handset.

Rather than the usual "we'll give you the 8GB for US$199.00 or the 16GB for US$299.00 when your current 24-month deal runs out," that upgrade clause is being waived for customers who are approximately 14 months into their two-year contract.  Apparently, Death Star employees have also been given a whole lotta wiggle room as to which customers should get the deal.  However, customers have to be current AT&T subscribers AND are limited to one iPhone only.  (Interestingly, if you take advantage of the deal directly through the House of Jobs, they'll sell you as many handsets as you can carry and don't even care who your current carrier is…)

We've already reported how you now have the option to buy a contract-less (but still locked to AT&T) iPhone for full price, and this Let's Make A Deal! move strongly suggests an even newer iPhone is lurking on the horizon.

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