Eyeball Kicks: Vuzix iWear Brings Wearable Widescreen To Your iPhone

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We're guessing that there are more than a few of you out there who wish the whole "virtual reality" future being promised by movies like JOHNNY MNEMONIC and television's "VR.5" and "TekWar" had actually happened.

Enter Vuzix.  (We're guessing it's pronounced "view-zicks," since their corporate motto is "View the Future.")  The iWear AV230 XL headset purports to "[transform] your small portable video player screen into a personal home
theater with a virtual 44-inch screen as viewed from nine feet."  Each eye's video screen can be individually focused, and stereo earbuds are incorporated into the earpieces.

Most importantly, the US$199.95 AV230 XL is iPhone/iPod Touch-ready right out of the box.  (Owners of older Vuzix glasses can get an iPhone adaptor cable for US40.00.)  The unit will also work with other cell phones, video cameras, DVD players, and laptops with S-video outputs, so at least it isn't a one-trick pony.

And if people around you stare — you won't care (or know).  You'll be too busy flooding your eyeballs with images…

[Vuzix website]

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