Famous DJ App: Music In The Key Of i

Being the "old fart" that I am musically (haven't cared for anything I've heard since alt-rock imploded a decade ago), I couldn't name more than a handful of famous modern-day club DJ's — and one of them, only because of her recent breakup with Lindsay Lohan.

So no, I have no clue who Paul van Dyk is, musically speaking, but apparently he's important enough that Yuza Mobile is designing a signature iPhone app for him.  Not a music-creating/playing app per se, the program in fact contains helpful tools such as a BPM counter (tap in time to the music to get the beats per minute), frequency analyzer, dB meter, DJ check list — even that most necessary of rave accessories, a Virtual Glow Stick.

No price yet, and a "sometime in May" release date, but you can watch Paulie show off his new app in the above video.

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