HiPhone Nano N3+ — The Pocket Manticore*

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Well, I guess there have been so many dubious reports of an "iPhone Nano" coming out of China, somebody apparently decided to call his countrymen's bluff and BUILD the damn thing.

The Nano N3+ — basically a flip phone with a quasi-iPod Nano look to it — is billed as "the latest slim dual sim Flip Phone. It adds to the success of its predecessors by craming in a large 3.0" touch screen, dual sim card standby, camera, bluetooth, shake control (accelerometer – change songs by shaking), Mp3, Mp4, FM Radio, TF Card Slot, QQ/MSN download and of course the cool round click mp3 button into a slim sturdy aluminum housing.  The N3+ comes unlocked and works with T-mobile in the USA; Works on GSM network worldwide. Currently this phone only comes in Silver; Black, Red, and Gold to come."

No mention of what OS this mutant runs on, but it does come with a stylus.  And a list price of US$399.99.  (BUT WAIT!  Act now, and you can have this fine…er…whatever it is for the unheard-of price of US$189.99!)

* Note: Manticores are mythical creatures that are part man, part lion, and part dragon or scorpion.  As Gizmodo points out, HiPhone managed to gene-splice elements of a MacBook, iPod Nano, and even iPod Shuffle into this contraption.

[Via Chinagrabber]

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