iHulu: Killer Video App, Or Too Late To The Party?

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Our follow-up on previous HULU post.

It's pretty clear that, amongst online video sites, Hulu is second only to YouTube in the name-brand-recognition sweepstakes — and that's due less to its ad-supported TV and movie content than to its hilarious series of adverts in which actors Alec Baldwin and Eliza Dushku (above – yum!) and FAMILY GUY creator Seth MacFarlane reveal themselves to be brain-melting aliens, and Hulu to be "an evil plot to take over the world — enjoy!"

So far, the evil plot hasn't included iPhones.  In fact, rumors of a Hulu app have swirled since before there was even an App Store.  But recent industry intel/chatter has amplified, with the suggestion that a "badass" Hulu app that will stream videos over both 3G and Wi-Fi is just months away.  In fact, the streaming-video support already embedded in OS 3.0 is practically inviting Hulu to come up and see it sometime.

If and when the "iHulu" app emerges, it won't be the first across the finish line: CBS's TV.com app is already available as a free download, YouTube owners Google are bartering to offer more legal TV and film content, while the likes of Joost and i.TV struggle to find their niche.  But they all lack Hulu's combo of video-tech savvy (their programming just looks better) and profitability (via embedded commercials that people are actually willing to sit through).  And even though any kind of streaming video is going to burn bandwidth like it was tinder — not to mention sucking revenue from App Store video downloads — Apple and AT&T may not mind if the end result is more iPhones & iPod Touches sold, and more AT&T subscriptions filled.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Ms. Dushku is hungrily eyeing my cerebral cortex, and I'm just the kind of guy who can't say no to a pretty face…

[Via The Business Insider]

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