Laying Cable: AT&T Scrambles To Update Its Network For New iPhone

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Bolstering the rumors of a "June bride" new iPhone release, word comes that AT&T is racing to upgrade their 3G network to withstand an anticipated ten-fold increase in traffic.

A month after Death Star CEO Darth Va…um, Ralph de la Vega boasted that "we have the infrastructure capability to go to 7.2 [Mbit/s], and we'll
have the capability to go 14.4 and 20 in the next couple of years," AT&T took delivery of a ton of new Juniper routers — and Apple has ordered AT&T to have the beefed-up network installed, tested, and ready to rumble by the end of May.

The current usage stats are in themselves staggering: about half of the mobile data traffic AT&T handles is related to the iPhone, and more than two thirds of all US mobile web data traffic (Wi-Fi included) is used by the iPhone.

[Via AppleInsider]

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