Pay To Play: You Can “Pretend” To Be An OS 3.0 Developer, For A Price

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Right now, the only people who are supposed to have "legitimate" copies of the iPhone OS 3.0 beta are registered developers, not the hoi polloi.

Activate iPhone doesn't think that's fair.

The site — which is running on the old Freewebs community, so that says something right there — declares "We are trying to help make the new iPhone 3.0 firmware
the best operating system on the market for any phone.  By gathering as
many beta testers as they can Apple can get us the applications and
functions us iPhone users have been craving, that is where we come in. 
By registering your iPhone's UDID on a developers account you too can
use the new 3.0  NOW."

What they want you to do is purchase either a "fake" (my word, not theirs) developer's account, so you can saunter over to Apple's site and download the 3.0 files, SDK's, etc. with impugnity.  That'll set you back US$15.99.  Just want to register your phone's UDID so you can start 3.0'ing right away?  Just US$9.99.  Keep in mind the OS 3.0 code is available free from Apple — IF you're a legit code monkey.

Just to prove their sincerity, Activate iPhone assure the reader "No other
seller on the net will offer you access to a developers account, they
may register your phone but then leave you high and dry when new betas
are released every other week, not anymore.  Now you can control how
fast and when you want to update your phone, not someone who took your
money and ran.

Really?  Y'know, the local supermarket's a good mile from here, but I can still detect a fishy odor coming from somewhere…

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