Quick ‘N’ Dirty: Quickoffice Brings Excel, Word Support To The iPhone

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Our follow-up post about Quickoffice release.

MS Office support on your handheld device is one of those "the mountain ain't coming to Mohammed" deals, i.e. sooner or later, it's gotta be done.  Dataviz's Documents To Go has the whole Palm/Crackberry/WinMobile/Android/Symbian corner of the market — so who's handling the "mighty i?"

That would be Quickoffice for iPhone, a US$19.99 app which brings support for Excel sheets, Word documents, and remote file access (What?  No PowerPoint?) to the "HandHeld House of Jobs." The current version lets you create and edit Word/Excel files with impugnity (Word even supports cut/copy/paste!) and shuttle documents to your Mac or PC via Wi-Fi.  Promised upgrades include the ability to mount your device as a wireless drive and email remote or local files without having to download them first.

So how well does it work?  Matthew Miller at ZDnet put it through its paces:

The general consensus is that it's good, not great; in particular, Miller targeted the inability to neither email documents or open email attachments, and a lack of predictive keyboard entry support in Quickword.

[Available on iTunes]

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