Scratch ‘N’ Dent Depot: AT&T Offers Refurbished iPhones At 50% Off

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You might recall, during last year's Christmas shopping season, big-box stores like Best Buy and Wal-mart offered discounts on new iPhones.  Did I say "discounts?"  I meant to say "insultingly minimal price reductions that still didn't offset the whopping big AT&T service contract."

Amateurs.  The Death Star is now pointing and laughing at your "discounts."

Over on AT&T's Wireless site,* you can now get refurbished iPhones at half-price, with the two-year voice and data contract. 

Yes, I will repeat that into your "good ear:" FIFTY PERCENT OFF UNCLE STEVE'S DO-EVERYTHING SMART PHONE.  Eight-giggers for US$99.00.  Full sixteens for US$149.00.  Hell, there are video gaming consoles that cost more than that, and they don't even make phone calls.

Now, if that's still beyond your budget, the refurb department has other whiz-bang deals (like a US$429.00 Blackberry Curve for no dollars whatsoever!).  But c'mon

It's an iPhone. 

Half price. 

Do the math, shop like a yenta, and get in with the cool kids.  Just be glad they're not using this guy to convince you to buy one:

* If this link doesn't work right, just go to the AT&T Wireless main page and click on "Packages & Deals."

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