Skype Locked Out Of AT&T’s 3G Network, Runs Crying To…The FCC?

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Is it right that AT&T doesn't allow Skype to make VOIP calls over their 3G network?

Free Press, an open-Internet advocacy group, doesn't think so.  And they think the government agency who gave us the term "Nipplegate" can help us.

The group — who have a history of attacking efforts by cable and wireless companies to restrict usage of their networks — wants the Federal Communication Commision to investigate whether both the Death Star and the House of Jobs are violating federal rules by limiting Skype to the "Wi-Fi ghetto."  Wireless carriers, on the other hand, argue that they have a right to limit bandwidth-hogging services such as file sharing so that their network capacity isn't overwhelmed.

(AT&T's corporate stance is even blunter: according to an unnamed spokesperson, "Customers are free to download and use the apps they want, but we have
no obligation—nor should we have—to facilitate or subsidize our
competitors' businesses.")

No word on whether the FCC will take on this earth-shattering issue.

[Via the Wall Street Journal]

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