Will Office Ever Come To The iPhone? MS Sez “Signs Point To Yes”

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It's far from a sure thing, but someone at Microsoft seems to think a portable version of MS-Office will wind up on the iPhone sooner or later.

Steven Elop, president of Microsoft's Business Division, brought up the topic during the recent Web 2.0 conference.  Discussing the maturation of Web application and people‚Äôs increased reliance on them (Facebook mobile being a glaring example) — and the fact that Office has nearly half a beellion users worldwide — Elop hinted that an "iOffice" app that would let mobile users not only view, but create and edit documents and spreadsheets and slide decks, makes all the sense in the world.

So when can we expect Office to hit the App Store?  Sez Elop, ‚ÄúNot yet‚Äîkeep watching.‚Äù

[Via CrunchGear]

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