AT&T Might Lower Service Rates By Ten Bucks A Month. We’re Still Underwhelmed…

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As the summer arrival of a next-generation iPhone becomes more and more of a certainty, rumblings from the Death Star suggest that AT&T — who've already offered several discounts on the phones themselves, including refurbished handsets at 50% discounts — might actually trim a little something-something from the service plan itself.

According to a story on, analyst Michael Cote of Cote Collaborative voices a "strong possibility" that AT&T's entry-level voice & data plan may drop US$10.00, to US$59.00/month.  That comes to a savings of US$240.00 over the length of a two-year contract — not too bad, when you consider that an 8 GB iPhone and full-price contract will take a bite out of your pocket of US$1,856.00 over those twenty-four months.

Since the iPhone's debut, AT&T have been whittling away at the cost of the phone itself, but the costly data plan continues to be a roadblock for a lot of otherwise likely iPhone adapters.  Other carriers have lured customers in with drastic price drops on the phones themselves, including T-Mobile (allowing Wal-Mart to offer their Android-powered G1 for US$148.00) and Verizon (offering BOGO deals on Blackberry Storms and Curves).

And as those Blackberries steam ahead of the iPhones in 2009 Q1 sales — and the Palm Pre release hovers in the wings — it'll be interesting to see what AT&T will do to put, if not more bars, then more iPhones in more places.

[Via CNET and The Street]

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