“Bargain dBase-ment:” Bento Database App Hits The iPhone

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Bento, a condensed database application for the Macintosh, now comes in an even more compact version for iPhones.

Derived from the US$50.00 Bento program — a home version of the classic FileMaker Pro database creator — gathers all your personal stuff (addresses, calendars, events, etc.) into one easy-to-manage environment.  What's more, the iPhone version automatically syncs your address book, mail, iCalendar and other data directly from your computer to your phone.  And if you already have the Mac version, you can create a record on your Mac, then transfer it to your iPhone on the next sync.

Bento is available for US$4.99 from the App Store.

(Notice we've been saying "Mac" a lot?  Us, too.  Bento isn't available for Wintel machines.)

[Via Gizmodo]

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