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Twitter has become the ultimate micro-blog, tailor-made for smartphones and their less-than-expansive screens, and numerous clients have popped up in support of it.  Who knows, there might even be a Twitter program for WinMobile phones!  (Rim-shot, big laugh, applause applause applaus.)

In the BlackBerry arena, we already have Viigo (an everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink RSS feed manager) and the veritable Twitterberry, both available for free.  So why would you want to pay money for a "Critter" ("Crackberry Twitter") app?

How about because it was designed by a honest-to-God smartphone blogger who knows what HE'd want in such an app?

The "Boy Genius" (of the report of the same name) is the co-creator of TweetGenius, a US$4.99 Blackberry app that, in his words:

"…was created out of necessity. Simply put, no BlackBerry Twitter
application was capable of quenching our thirst. We decided to make
TweetGenius for the BlackBerry community because we're
BlackBerry-lovers who know what other BlackBerry-lovers want in an app.

integrated a revolutionary UI with fantastic user-orientated features
like the ability to compose a new tweet, start a new search, and view
tracked items from any screen in the application. Shortcuts? Please.
Basically every key on the keyboard is a shortcut! What about sending
pictures and GPS location? Done and done."

The app's features include a pop-up Tweet bubble accessible from any screen, control of how often you check for new tweets (with an auto-update option), keyboard shortcuts, and the proverbial "much much more."  TweetGenius version 1.0 currently supports only BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve 8900 models, with Storm/83xx/88xx versions promised in the next couple of weeks — at which point the price jumpts to US$9.99.  However, the version 1.1 upgrade will be free to early adapters.

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