More Flash For The Cash: Is There A 32GB iPhone In Your Future?

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iPhones with only 16GB of flash memory?  Hans and Franz think that's girlie, and are here to "pump… (clap) …YOU UP!"

Wired magazine's Gadget Lab has word of some leaks — gaffes, even — suggesting that a 32GB iPhone is looming on the horizon.  One came from T-Mobile Austria, who put a placeholder ad on their website for said thirty-two gigger with a starting price of ‚Ǩ0.00 (wow, how much is that in real money?). 

Slightly to the west — and about the same latitude north of common sense — Canadian cell carrier Rogers posted a list of upcoming handsets, including the following gem: ‚Äú# iPhone ‚Äî ETA: unknown (July/August), outright: not allowed, 3-year: TBD‚Äù — which, if nothing else, at least confirms the long-rumored summer release.  (This gem per the Boy Genius Report.)

And over at MacTalk Australia, scuttlebutt is that Vodaphone has sent out an email to retail staff stating that  the 16GB iPhone has been marked as ‚ÄúEnd of Life.‚Äù  (Interestingly, there was no corresponding EOL for the 8 GB iPhone, suggesting it may be downgraded to a budget/entry-level handset.)

Gadget Lab also points out that, traditionally, iPod Touches have double the capacity of their telephonic brethren.  Could this mean a 64 GB iTouch?  Oops, I think I'm drooling…

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