Mystique: First Android-To-iPhone Game Port

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Bendroid are quite proud of their Android-based horror game "Mystique."  So proud of it, in fact, that they decided to let iPhone users in on the fun.

Many companies or developers who gained success with their
games/applications on iPhone market were trying to take their niche on
Android. The most popular and famous iPhone applications were ported to
Android and now they are among the top downloaded applications…But what if we take Android application/game, that is rather popular and successful, and port IT to iPhone?

Seemingly aimed squarely at the SILENT HILL crowd, the creepy, immersive-3D game — which begins with the player finding themselves in a dark, filthy bathroom with a blood-filled tub and a ghostly girls appearing and disappearing — is being released one chapter at a time; the ported Chapter One ("The Foetus") is out now, and Chapter Two ("The Child") will hit the Android market next week.

Not sufficiently creeped out yet?  Let this video of the Android app put a chill in your heart:

[Available for US$0.99 on iTunes]

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