Pre-Miscuous: Palm’s New Phone Won’t Stay Wed To Sprint For Long

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Jeez, Sprint's still a week away from releasing its hotly-anticipated Pam Pre, and the damn thing's already snuggling up to the competition.  So much for monogamy.

Lowell McAdam, who heads the joint Verizon Communications/Vodafone venture, announced "Over the next six months or so you will see devices like Palm Pre and a second generation [Blackberry] Storm."  Sprint currently has only a six-month exclusivity clause for the Pre before it can be (pun intended) "palmed off" to other wireless carriers.

And it's not just the Can You Hear Me Now guy who's lusting after the latest "iPhone killer:" none other than the Death Star themselves, AT&T — more specifically CEO Randall Stephenson — are allegedly thinking about adding the Pre to their phone harem once the Sprint honeymoon is over.

Of course, this makes mucho sense for Palm, whose Treo smart phone line has become an also-ran in the marketplace, and whose standalone PDA's days are clearly numbered.  Rather than emulating the one-phone/one-network approach of the iPhone — and currently the Android-powered G1, for that matter — Palm is taking a cue from the likes of Blackberry, whose product line embraces any and all cell networks.

[Via Engadget]

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