Pretty Thumb Machine: Nine Inch Nails App Coming To The BlackBerry

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Trent Reznor wants to **** your CrackBerry like an animal.

The Nine Inch Nails mastermind, fresh from winning a staring contest with the App Store, posted the following on his Twitter account on Wednesday, May 13:

"Work is underway for a BlackBerry version of the NIN app.  The answer to your next question is 'soon.'"

Reznor, you'll recall, recently went eyeball-to-eyeball with the House of Jobs after iTunes rejected an updated version of the NIN iPhone app, citing "objectionable content."  The Chief Nail called foul, pointing out that the content in question (the title track of his DOWNWARD SPIRAL album), was readily available in iTunes.  Apple relented, and the app update was posted as is.

No word on the exactly functionality of the BlackBerry implementation, but the iPhone version lets you exchange messages and photos with other NIN fans in your neighborhood and around the world, access NIN news, photos, custom wallpapers, and your inbox, and listen to every major Nails album.

It's also an uncharacteristic move for Reznor, an avowed Macintosh bigot and lover of all things Apple.  Perhaps the recent news of BlackBerries outselling the iPhone in Q1 '09 convinced him to venture into "enemy territory."

Expect to see corporate productivity plummet within a week of the Berry app's release.

(If you still don't have a Twitter account, here's a good incentive to get one: Nine Inch Nails are currently on tour with Jane's Addiction, and Reznor has been using his Twitter account to post daily giveaways of tickets and backstage passes.)

BREAKING NEWS: In subsequent tweets, Reznor also promised an Android version, but insisted "No plans in the near future to develop for: Palm WebOS, WinMo, Symbian, SideKick, etc."

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