Drive My Android: Waze Is On A Quest For Maps

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Waze wants to build a new "information superhighway" — emphasis on "highway" — and, if you've got an Android, they'd like your help:

Waze drivers are building the first dynamic driving map reflecting the roads right now…Driving with waze mobile client lets users passively and actively
share real time data and receive the optimal route to their destination.  This level of dynamic information can only be achieved by drivers participating and sharing real driving data.

Unlike traditional GPS's which tell you where to go, running Waze reads your Android's GPS system and beams "trace points" back to Waze HQ, who use the info to verify current roads, map new (or de-map erroneous) routes, and analyze driving speeds and traffic congestion in real time.  The app also has wizards to report things like accidents, speed traps, even a parking spot you've just vacated.  (Compare this to the iPhone app Trapster, which focuses on speed traps and traffic cameras only, or dedicated GPS units like Tom Tom, which permit users to submit updates to their mappings.)

Right now, Waze only works in Boston, Chicago, and the Frisco Bay area; versions for iPhone, Symbian, and other GPS-enabled smartphones are promised.  Waze also promises the service will remain absolutely free and not endanger anyone's privacy.

Stay tuned for Waze for iPhone.

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