T-Mobile Tech Support Hearts Unlocked iPhones

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Up until recently, T-Mobile was known for only two things: cheap, plentiful phones — and suck-ass coverage.  (We theorize that T-M flooded the market with their phones to amortize building more cell towers, then never actually got around to building them…)  Numerous papparazi shots of Paris Hilton thumbing away on her Sidekick at inappropriate moments didn't help, either.

But recently, The Company Formerly Known As Voicestream has actually been doing a few things right.  Last August, their G1 became the first commercially available smartphone running the Google Android OS.  And now, it seems, they'll provide technical support to non-TM phones.

As in unlocked iPhones…

Seems that T-Mobile made some changes to their voicemail systems which iPhones on the network to freak out, bombarding users with dozens of (non-free) text messages.  Amazingly, some of the affected "iPhonies" contacted T-Mobile customer support to complain — only to be informed they'd be receiving a 1-month service credit for their inconvenience.  One of the T-M reps stated that "T-Mobile, though they do not offer the
iPhone…are committed to supporting users on their
network who have them."

And all this on a data plan that's US$10.00/month less than what the Death Star charges.

Maybe there's something to buying an unlocked iPhone after all…

[Via The Consumerist]

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